These are the same track notes as on the main canyon track notespage, but with extra detail to help compare the canyons. Click on the column headings to sort by any column.

Name Difficulty Number of abseils Longest abseil Time Distance Ascent Quality Wetsuits
Bell Creek Canyon M 0 0m One day 11km 510m 10/10 Lilos
Bell Creek Complete Canyon M 0 0m Two days 12km 300m 10/10 Lilos
Better Offer Canyon EM 4-6 25m A short day 5km 250m 3/10 No
Birrabang Canyon E 0 0m A short day 6km 220m 1/10 No
Bowens Creek North Canyon M 2-6 15m A long day 9km 370m 8/10 Recommended
Breakfast Creek Canyon EM 4-5 30m One day 8km 290m 5/10 Optional
Bungonia Creek Canyon M 2-6 60m A long day 8km 360m NA Optional
Carrabeanga Falls H 13-20 50m Two days 19km 980m NA No
Clatterteeth Canyon E 0 0m One day 12km 300m 6/10 Lilos
Claustral Canyon M 3-6 15m A long day 9km 510m 10/10 Recommended
Closet Canyon M 2-7 40m One day 10km 320m 5/10 Optional
Coachwood Canyon EM 3-5 25m One day 7km 250m 4/10 Not required
Crayfish Creek Canyon E 0 0m A short day 12km 240m 3/10 No
Dalpura Canyon EM 1-3 20m A short day 5km 200m 4/10 Not required
Danae Brook Canyon H 9-13 35m A very long day 13km 640m 9/10 Recommended
Dargans Creek Canyon E 0 0m A few hours 3km 100m 6/10 Recommended
Davies Canyon H 7-11 50m Two days 20km 820m NA Not required
Deep Pass Canyon E 0 0m A few hours 3km 120m 5/10 No
Devils Pinch Canyon M 2-6 30m One day 13km 420m 9/10 Optional
Dione Dell Canyon EM 0-4 35m A short day 6km 270m NA No
Empress Canyon EM 1 30m A few hours 2km 200m 6/10 Recommended
Firefly Canyon M 5-7 20m A long day 12km 330m 6/10 Optional
Fortress Canyon EM 1-2 10m A short day 8km 180m 5/10 Recommended
Galah Canyon MH 4-8 30m A long day 12km 300m 8/10 Optional
Geronimo Canyon M 4-5 15m One day 9km 460m 6/10 Recommended
Grand Canyon EM 1 20m A few hours 5km 280m 9/10 Optional
Hat Hill Canyon E 0 0m A short day 8km 230m 7/10 Optional
Heart Attack Canyon MH 2-6 35m A long day 16km 350m 7/10 Optional
Hole-in-the-Wall Canyon M 3-5 15m One day 14km 250m 7/10 Recommended
Jerrara Creek Canyon MH 4-10 50m A long day 9km 360m NA Optional
Jugglers Canyon EM 3-7 20m A few hours 5km 270m 4/10 No
Jungaburra Canyon EM 0-1 10m A short day 6km 320m 1/10 No
Kalang Falls M 8-10 50m One day 4km 520m NA No
Kanangra Main Canyon H 11-15 55m A long day 6km 520m NA Recommended
Koombanda Canyon EM 2-3 15m A short day 8km 250m 4/10 Optional
Long Gully Canyon M 8-10 60m One day 8km 550m NA No
Lower Bowens Creek North Canyon M 2-4 15m One day 8km 370m 8/10 Recommended
Macquarie Pass Canyon M 5-15 40m One day 6km 30m NA Recommended
Mt Hay Canyon MH 4-9 20m One day 5km 240m 6/10 Recommended
Newnes (Starlight) Canyon M 1-3 25m One day 15km 470m 10/10 Not required
Pipeline Canyon M 5-10 25m One day 9km 300m 8/10 Optional
Ranon Canyon M 3-10 30m A long day 11km 510m 10/10 Recommended
River Caves Canyon E 0 0m A few hours 3km 160m 6/10 No
Rocky Creek Canyon E 0 0m A short day 3km 250m 10/10 Recommended
Surefire Canyon MH 3-5 15m A long day 18km 270m 9/10 Optional
The Dry Canyon E 0 0m A few hours 3km 80m 8/10 No
Thunder Canyon M 1-5 20m One day 12km 510m 8/10 Recommended
Thunderstorm Canyon MH 1-3 40m A long day 11km 400m 2/10 Not required
Tiger Snake Canyon EM 2-5 25m One day 9km 230m 8/10 No
Twister Canyon E 0 0m A few hours 2km 170m 5/10 Recommended
Upper Bowens Creek South Canyon M 1-7 20m One day 7km 230m 9/10 Recommended
Upper Wollangambe Canyon M 0 0m Two days 18km 500m 8/10 Lilos
Water Dragon Canyon M 2-3 15m One day 8km 480m 7/10 Recommended
Waterfall of Moss Canyon MH 7-8 20m One day 8km 400m 3/10 Not required
Whungee Wheengee Canyon M 3-6 15m A long day 11km 480m 9/10 Recommended
Why Don't We Do It In The Road? Canyon M 2-6 20m A short day 7km 300m 4/10 Recommended
Wollangambe Canyon - Lower Tourist Section E 0 0m One day 9km 300m 6/10 Lilos
Wollangambe Canyon - Upper Tourist Section E 0 0m One day 8km 320m 5/10 Lilos
Wotta Canyon EM 2-3 25m A short day 6km 180m 2/10 Optional
Yileen Canyon M 2-4 40m One day 8km 210m 6/10 Optional