Jungaburra Brook is a pleasant creek, but barely a canyon. It consists of two very short sections of canyon separated by a reasonable section of creek walking.


Drive just past Watertrough Hill on Bells Line of Road and park at the open area on the left. Walk through a gate on a fire trail that heads ESE, past the first turn off to the right, and take the second turn off to the right that leads down the obvious ridge. Near the bottom of the ridge drop off to the left and into the creek.


It is a short walk to the first short section of canyon. A short swim through a deep pool near the end of this section can be avoided by a tricky climb around on the right.

There is a pleasant creek walk to the lower section of canyon. It looks quite impressive, but ends very quickly. There is a drop of about 4m that can be negotiated with a hand over hand or abseil on either the left or the right, though anchor points close by are difficult to find. A longer rope may be advisable. There are no swims, and probably not even a wade.


There are a variety of options for exiting. Continue down to the creek at MGA482859.

One is to climb up this creek, heading up to the cliff line, and climbing out on to the narrow ridge on the right. This ridge can be followed back to a track at MGA487871, which can be taken back to the road.

Another is to continue around under the cliffs to the Colliery. From there you can walk up the road, or up Kamarah Gully. There is a waterfall in Kamarah Gully, and you will need to climb out on the left or right before this.


Many parties miss the upper section of canyon, which has a tricky climb around to avoid a deep pool. There is one short drop, which is easiest to abseil, but can be hand-over-handed. There are some shallow wades at normal water levels.

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