The Dry Canyon, also known as Wolgan View Canyon and Nobles Canyon, is an excellent walk-through canyon on the west side of the Glowworm Tunnel Road. It consists of three constrictions of increasing length. The lower constriction is superb - long and deep.


See Newnes Plateau & South Wolgan Fire Trails for information on how to get to the Bungleboori Picnic Area.

Drive along the Glowworm Tunnel Rd to MGA408166 (AMG407164, Cullen Bullen), about 22km from the Bungleboori Picnic Area, and around 4km past the Old Coach Road turn off. There is a small parking area with a barrier. Follow the track down to a camping area. Turn right and follow the track in to the top of the dry creek bed, and then follow the creek down to where the canyon starts.


There are two sections of canyon. The first starts at about MGA403167 (AMG402165), and is attractive, but short and not very deep. More walking brings you to the lower constriction. This is quite spectacular, as it is deep, dark and reasonably sustained.


Retrace your route back to the car.


This is a VERY EASY canyon, and a good one to show people who are probably never going to make it to more difficult ones. It is also a nice bushwalk.

It is quite interesting to climb around above the south of the canyon and have a look down the slot from above. Also, if you continue around to the right after the end of the canyon, some excellent views of the Carne Creek and Wolgan Valleys can be had, although a little scrambling may be required.

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