Hole-in-the-Wall is an impressive canyon flowing into the north branch of Bungleboori Creek (now less evocatively known as Dingo Creek). It features an upper and a lower section separated by a section of open creek. Both constrictions are of high quality. The lower constriction also features an enclosed tunnel populated with glowworms.


See Newnes Plateau & South Wolgan Fire Trails for information on how to drive to the starting point.

From the locked gate at the end of Waratah Ridge Road, pass through the gate and follow the main fire trail, ignoring trails first to the right and then to the left after a few minutes. Continue for about half an hour to a clearing where the trail becomes a foot track and turns sharply left past a burnt sign. Follow this for another 20 minutes to a track junction. Take the track to the left, which reaches a large pagoda after a further 20 minutes. Head around the right of the pagoda and follow a track to the right down into the gully. Turn left and follow the creek downstream to where you need to start wading. The canyon starts shortly after this, so this is a possible spot to put wetsuits on.


The first section of canyon consists of some short swims or wades and an awkward climb down in a dark section. It starts at about MGA516039 and finishes about MGA518039.

There is a walk of about half an hour to the lower canyon section, which starts about MGA520046. The section starts with a 3m jump (check depth), or hand-over-hand, or abseil. Shortly after this is an abseil of 8m down a log. Then follows an abseil or hand-over-hand of 4m. Next is the tunnel section. This involves wading/swimming through a pool, and then squeezing through a narrow crack. It can also be climbed over the top, which may be needed if the water level is too high or low, or certain people are unable to fit through the squeeze.

A little further on is the second abseil. This is about 12m from thread belays on the right hand side. It used to be through a narrow hole, but the hole is currently blocked, and you need to go over the top - with a very awkward start. There is one final short abseil (4m) and then it is a short walk to where the canyon emerges into Dingo Creek through a narrow slot (the "Hole-in-the-Wall").

At the Bungleboori, swim and wade upstream for several hundred metres through spectacular canyon, to where the creek opens out. Head to the point of the big bend at MGA519050, and then look for an eroded track up a minor gully on the left. Note that there is a false track on the left just before reaching the big bend, which ends looking over the actual exit.


The track climbs steeply up on to the ridge, and then back along the ridge to the big pagoda where you entered the creek. Retrace your steps from here back to the car park.


Hole-in-the-Wall is an impressive canyon. Wetsuits are advisable for most parties, as there are a few swims, including up Dingo Creek at the end. Avoid it after significant rain as the swim/wade up Dingo Creek can become difficult/impossible.

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