Canyoning guide

The canyon track notes on this web site have been compiled into this guide, which is a much better format for printing out and taking with you on the weekend. The guide, in its various editions, has been downloaded over 30,000 times. The main advantage of a printed guide is that it gives you something compact to take with you out in the bush. The printed guide will only be updated infrequently, but the website will continue to receive regular updates. It is worthwhile checking back to the website for updates before you plan to do a particular canyon.

The guide is copyright, and may not be sold or reproduced other than for personal use without permission. You can make any number of copies for personal use. There is no charge for the guide, but it does take a considerable amount of time and effort to put together. You can make a donation (say $5) via:

  • PayID: 0416065822
  • Direct Deposit: Mr Thomas Alexander Brennan
  • BSB 732085
  • Account 560800

All donations are passed on to a charitable organisation at the end of each year.

It has been formatted in an A5 booklet format designed to be printed out and folded. As a result, it has alternating front and back pages, and won't read easily on the screen. It will print out on 23 double-sided A4 sheets of paper.

It is easiest to print out with a duplex (double-sided) printer. Most big offices will have one of these. When you go to Print, you may need to go to Properties, and specifically select Format->Landscape and Duplex->Open to Left. Otherwise, you may end up with half the booklet upside down.

If you only have a single sided printer, you can select Odd Pages Only, print those, turn the paper over, select Reverse Pages and print Even Pages Only. Again, make sure you get the pages the right way around.

Whichever sort of printer you use, unless you are a printing guru, it is worth printing a couple of test pages before you print the rest of the booklet.

If you have access to a long armed office stapler, you can put a couple of staples in the middle.

If you have any feedback, comments or corrections, you can send them to

Download the guide [480kb PDF, last updated October 2017]

For those who just want to read on the screen, there is also a version which has the pages in "normal" order. Download this version.

Change log

  • 2017-10 print/screen - 60 canyons, 1 new canyon (Macquarie Pass), summary info on all canyons, additional brief info on less well known canyons, numerous minor edits
  • 2014-12 print/screen - 59 canyons, 1 new canyon (Kalang Falls), additional area info, numerous minor edits
  • 2013-01 print/screen - 58 canyons, 4 new canyons (Hole-in-the-Wall, Carrabeanga Falls, Dione Dell, Long Gully), Claustral access, numerous minor edits
  • 2010-03 print/screen - 54 canyons, 6 new canyons (Bell Creek Complete, Jungaburra, Hat Hill, Crayfish Creek, Danae Brook, Jerrara Creek), numerous minor edits
  • 2009-09 print/screen - initial edition, 48 canyons