One of the nice things about living in Sydney is that the city is surrounded by National Parks - something like 22, and well over a million hectares within 150km of the city centre. Makes it great for bushwalking (hiking, tramping, trekking etc depending on where you come from).

With a lack of track notes on bushwalks in NSW, some years ago I developed a bushwalking web site - it is available at Bushwalking NSW. It has information on track notes, national parks, regions, activities, book reviews and more. Check it out. Prior to that I sent my walk reports to the Australian Bushwalking and Camping Web Site (which despite its name was mostly NSW-based). Unfortunately it now only exists in the web archives.

I have moved my bushwalking log book off to a separate page so that it didn't overwhelm this one.

I have a fascination for Wollemi National Park, both canyoning and bushwalking. A lot of my future plans for walks involve that area, and the northern Blue Mountains in general. It is a fantastic area of wilderness, and I've loved all of the trips I've made there. Some future walks I'd like to do include:

  • Blue Mountains NP - Three Peaks (though I was sore for a week after K to K!)
  • Wollemi NP - Wollemi - East to West (Newnes to Culoul Range)
  • Wollemi NP - Wollemi - North to South
  • Wollemi NP - the Colo River and passes (I've done most of the length of the Colo, and about 15 or so passes out of maybe 40)
  • Blue Mountains NP - Upper Grose Valley
  • Nattai NP - Russells Needle
  • Blue Mountains NP - Katoomba to Mittagong
  • Blue Mountains NP - Blue Breaks
  • The Great North Walk
  • Morton NP - Ettrema Creek to the Shoalhaven River