Twister Canyon is a short but enjoyable tributary of Rocky Creek. While not being particularly spectacular, it features numerous jumps and slides. It was discovered by Dave Noble (NPWS). Twister is often incorrectly known as Sheep Dip Canyon, which is the name given to the short upper constriction of Rocky Creek itself. Twister is best combined as a day trip with Rocky Creek due to its short length.


See Newnes Plateau & South Wolgan Fire Trails for information on how to drive to the starting point.

From the Rocky Creek car park, continue down the main fire trail to the SE. After about 100m, turn off to the right on a track which heads down the hill into the creek. Turn left and follow the track downstream along the creek for about 10mins until you reach the canyon.


Twister is basically a series of jumps and slides into cold pools. Check the depth of the water before doing the jumps. All of the jumps can be climbed down, although a couple (including the last) are tricky. The last jump is a couple of metres into a small pool - but the pool is very deep. For many of the jumps, you can climb up higher on tree roots if you are so inclined. After the last jump, there is a hand over hand down a 5m waterfall that usually has a fixed line on it. Take a 10m rope or length of tape just in case the fixed line is not there.


Continue down the creek to the next creek junction. Cross on a log, and turn left (this is the Rocky Creek entry track). Follow the track up the creek until it climbs out and joins the fire trail, which you can follow back to the car.

Much better, however, is to turn right at the creek junction and continue downstream to Rocky Creek.

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