Crayfish Creek lies off Burramoko Ridge north of Blackheath. It has a very short but pretty section of canyon, and is otherwise a pleasant creek walk. It can typically be done with no more than a couple of waist deep wades.


Drive through Blackheath and turn right into Ridgewell Rd, which is the second street after Hat Hill Rd (Perrys Lookdown). Ridgewell Rd immediately becomes dirt, but can be driven along for 0.8km to a locked gate.

Park here and walk along the main fire trail to MGA503792, just before Burramoko Hill, and head west down the ridge, and then NW into the creek at the creek junction.


The short canyon section starts at MGA497798. There are no abseils or swims, though a waist deep wade needs to be negotiated.


The canyon soon opens out and it is pleasant creek walking from here to the side gully at MGA502804. Head up this, then up the first gully on the left. An awkward scramble is needed to get up over chockstones, then climb out on to the ridge and follow it east to the road.

Alternatively, the canyon can be reversed and the same ridge taken out as you walked in on.

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