Whungee Wheengee Canyon is an excellent canyon on the north side of the Wollangambe River. It features two main constrictions of high quality, a few short abseils and depending on water levels, a couple of duck unders. The usual exit is to continue down the Wollangambe through one of its more impressive sections.

The canyon was named so as to be confusing with Wheengee Whungee Creek at Kanangra.


Follow the Wollangambe Lower Tourist Section (Wollangambe 2) entrance track down to the river. Cross and climb the gully on the opposite side on a track, climbing up on to the ridge on the left. Once up on the flat part of the ridge the track becomes obvious. At about MGA556925 (Wollangambe map) the track veers off the right side of the ridge, and down into a dry gully that leads to a cliff over the main creek at MGA559929. There are slings around a tree for a 14m abseil, or if your rope is too short, head right for about 30m to a smaller drop. The canyon starts only a short way downstream.


Entry into the canyon proper is tricky. Easiest is to continue on a ledge down the right side for a short way, then cross over to the left for a little before an awkward scramble. There are other ways. Abseiling is always an option.

There are several potential duck unders, though mostly there is a gap between the water and the roof. They are usually in dark sections. There are a number of cold swims, although the longest is about 30m.

There are a few tricky little climb downs - however, abseiling can be avoided at this point with good route finding and technique. One climb down above a pool has two fixed slings that may be difficult to find in the dark - these can be used to swing across to a crack that you can climb down.

The canyon opens out at a creek junction, then shortly after there is a 9m abseil, with a short swim, followed by 6m abseil. These used to be tricky, but there are currently bolts in place that make the starts easier. One final tricky pair of jump downs, or abseil, then there is a long spectacular section of canyon all the way to the Wollangambe.


At the Wollangambe, swim downstream for about 1km to the exit as for Wollangambe Lower Tourist Section (Wollangambe 2).


Whungee Wheengee is an excellent canyon, quite sustained and challenging. It is also dark and the water is usually very cold. Look out for glowworms in the dark sections.

There are numerous tricky climb downs and climb arounds that can make this a tough day if your scrambling skills are a bit weak. You may need to do more than the two abseils if this is the case. A leader who is familiar with the canyon can help considerably in terms of time.

The walk in is reasonably long, and the canyon itself can also take a long time. Quite a few swims, up to 30m in the canyon proper. Longer swims in the Wollangambe. Wetsuits are recommended.

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