Track notes

Multi-pitch abseiling trips

  • Malaita Point - relatively straightforward abseil trip, suitable for beginners who are comfortable on single pitch abseils, led by a couple of experienced leaders. 5-7 abseils up to 40m
  • Malaita Wall - similar to Malaita Point, but more exposed, particularly the first abseil. Not recommended as a first multi-pitch trip. 5 abseils to 45m
  • Castle Head - the abseils are mostly fairly straightforward, but there is some exposed scrambling in places. 5-7 abseils up to 40m
  • Boars Head Rock - the abseils are not too hard, but there is some interesting exposure. 6 abseils up to 30m
  • Wall of Africa/Kilimanjaro - exposed and tricky start to the second abseil, not recommended for inexperienced abseilers. 2 abseils up to 50m

Trip reports and photos

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