Kalang Falls is a series of big waterfalls in the confusingly named Kanangra Brook (different to Kanangra Creek). The trip is a pleasant one that descends one of the easier Kanangra gorges. Despite this it is not a trip to be taken lightly. There are many abseils, the quartzite rock becomes very slippery when wet, and there is a long steep climb out up Murdering Gully to finish.

Most of the abseils go down beside the waterfalls. There are no swims, and you may even be able to keep your feet dry with care. The trip can be done in winter, though the short days mean that parties will need to be fast-moving.

Two 60m ropes (not shorter) is ideal for the big waterfall, to have both ~30m pitches rigged.


From the car park at Kanangra Walls, follow the track to the lookouts and on down the stairs to Kalang Falls. Head downstream, ending up on the right hand side as it opens out, taking extra care on the rock slabs. There is an awkward, slightly dangerous, 2m climb down on to a sloping ledge, just before the first abseil. This may be best negotiated on your stomach.


The first abseil is about 38m from a large casuarina tree on the right. There may be another anchor some distance back off a small tree - this could be used if desired to reach the main anchor.

Walk 50m down the creek to the next drop. Use a hand line to scramble down the first couple of ledges, then abseil 40m from bolts on the right to a pool. Scrambling the first ledges makes for an easier pulldown.

Scramble down the next small fall on the left, and then up and out a short way on the left side, before heading down a very minor ridge on dirt to a large gum tree 15m to the left of the falls for a 27m abseil. A handline is useful to reach the anchor, which is on the edge of a steep dirt bank. The abseil ends next to the old log book container. The next abseil is almost immediate, a 45m abseil on the left from a bolt and trees.

Walk downstream for 100m and then scramble down on the left to a 12m abseil. Another walk of about 50m leads to an 18m abseil, also on the left. It is possible to scramble around these abseils, though not recommended, as the slopes are loose and unstable.

Walk slightly up to the left to the next anchor, a large gum, and abseil 29m down a ramp above a pool. There is a also an anchor closer to the falls that may deposit you in the pool.

This is followed by the big waterfall. There are two abseils of 26m and 27m down the left of the falls, both from double ring bolts. Alternatively with full 60m ropes these can be combined into one abseil.

Avoid the next small falls by heading slightly up and then across a scree slope, until you can get back down to the creek. At the big falls, head along a narrow ledge to the left past a big drop for the final abseil from a large tree. This is 40m to a pool, and the first person is likely to get wet up to waist deep unless they are careful. Subsequent abseilers can be pulled across by the first person.


It is a short walk from there to Kanangra Creek. The exit is up Murdering Gully, which is another 50m downstream. Climb Murdering Gully, and then steeply up spurs on the left when the gully gets steep and overgrown. Traverse right near the top to reach the saddle between the walls.


Kalang Falls is a dry trip in normal conditions, and can be done in winter. It is inadvisable after rain, as the quartzite rock is very slippery and dangerous.