Clatterteeth Canyon (also known as Du Faur Creek Canyon) is a tributary of Bell Creek, a little way above where that creek flows into the Wollangambe River. It has some long lilo pools. It was discovered and named by a party from Sydney Bush Walkers led by Ross Wyborn.


From the Fire Station at Mt Wilson, head west along the fire trail towards Du Faurs Lookout, and turn left after about 300m through the second gate to the left (not marked private property). Follow this fire trail for almost 2km until it heads downhill and veers left at MGA542886. Take the foot track that continues straight ahead. When you reach the saddle at MGA537885 (Mount Wilson), turn left and follow the track down into a creek. You can usually avoid getting your feet wet until you reach the junction with a much larger creek. It may be worth putting on wetsuits here. Turn right at this creek (October Creek), and wade downstream for about 500m to the first canyon section. This is a good spot to inflate lilos. There are a couple more long canyon sections with swims before the alternative entry below comes in.

Alternatively, turn right at the saddle and follow the track down the creek. Not far from the end scramble up right on to the ridge and do a 10m hand-over-hand from a large gum tree near the junction to regain the creek. This misses out on some very good sections of canyon. You may also need a 10m rope in case a fixed line is not there.


There are quite a number of canyon sections, interspersed with creek walking. The canyon sections are of good quality, but are never really sustained. The creek walking is for the most part easy and relatively scrub free, and the surrounds are delightful.

About 300m after the Bell Creek junction, the creek starts to drop through boulders, and then flattens out. This last section is the trickiest, as there is a fair bit of scrub, and the creek bed is covered with large slippery rocks. Bell Creek then flows into the Wollangambe River, which is much the same, although you can walk along the left hand bank quite easily. About 200m after the junction, the river turns a sharp left hand bend. There is a large sandy beach on the left, and the exit track starts directly across the river.


The track heads up to the top of the saddle, and turns right. It contours round the gully and then heads steadily up, reaching the main ridge, and the entry track to the Tourist Section of the Wollangambe between two pagodas. Turn right and follow the track up, crossing a fire trail, and joining another fire trail. When you reach the road, turn right, and walk back to the Fire Station where you left your car.


There are numerous long pools so lilos are advisable for most parties. They are, however, inconvenient in the more open sections of creek. Experienced parties may be able to do without them, but will need a full wetsuit and possibly thermals underneath. Some other flotation (eg dry bag) is also needed.

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