Birrabang Brook is a pretty creek, but has only a couple of short sections of canyon. Nevertheless it gets a reasonable amount of visitors as it has no abseils and no swims, making for more of a bushwalk than a canyon.


Drive west along Bells Line of Road for 1.3km past the Mt Wilson turnoff, and park on the north side of the road at a large clearing. Cross the road and pick up a rough track that heads SW for about 50m, and then sharply SE and up on to a high cleared hill with good views. Follow the track generally S down the ridge to where it passes through the first line of cliffs at MGA517851. Swing west and pick your way down to the creek junction at MGA516850. This will probably involve heading upstream on the side creek for a bit until you can get in.


The creek is quite enclosed early on, with a canyon section and many overhangs. There are quite a number of shallow pools to be waded through.

The first obstacle is a chute and slippery ledge on the right. This can be avoided by scrambling along the dirt bank to the left, and down a tree. There is some nice canyon after this.

Another scramble up to the left and down on ledges is needed to avoid a 3m abseil, into another canyon-y section.

Further down the creek there may be a deeper pool that can be avoided by scrambling along a narrow ledge on the left.

The rest is relatively straightforward, although occasional scrambling may be required.


The exit gully on the right at MGA508843 is fairly obvious as you can clearly see the sky up it. There is a faint track which leads up the left side of the gully, before crossing to the right and heading up to the saddle. From the saddle, climb up to the ridge and pick up a track that leads back to the road, where it is about 800m back to the car.


The trip is relatively dry - with scrambling you can avoid getting wet much past your knees at normal water levels.

From the saddle on the exit route, it is worth walking 300m SW to the cliffs overlooking Birrabang Brook and the Grose Valley for superb views.

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