The Grand Canyon is a beautiful canyon, with a long, sustained constriction. It is very popular because of its easy access. It was one of the first canyons to be visited by Europeans. The track along the rim was built in 1906 and opened in 1907.

It is a good day when combined with Jugglers Canyon. You can aim to stay relatively dry (one compulsory 30m swim) or otherwise take wetsuits.


Turn on to Evans Lookout Road and park at the car park for Neates Glen, after about 3km. Follow the track down the hill and into the creek. After about 1.5km the track goes through a tunnel. A few hundred metres further on the canyon starts.

If you are coming from Jugglers Canyon, avoid the Pilcher Track and continue up the main Grand Canyon track for about 15 minutes.

Either way, a large set of bolts and chains marks the entry point to the canyon.


About 50m downstream from the first main falls into the canyon the NPWS has installed a bombproof anchor with three bolts and two rings. The abseil is about 17m and somewhat overhung at the edge.

Once in the canyon, good route finding and a bit of scrambling can help you avoid all but the last 30m swim. The scrambling can be quite tricky, and some people will probably get wet. The rest of the canyon is no more than waist deep. Alternatively, you can just swim the various pools and get wet.

The compulsory 30m swim is just after a sharp right hand bend, near the end of the canyon.


The exit is relatively obvious. You reach a sign with directions to Neates Glen and Evans Lookout, just before a side creek comes in from the right. Either follow the main track back to Neates Glen and the car, or if you have come from Jugglers Canyon, immediately after you cross the side creek, the Pilcher Track (very faint) heads up to the right.


The tree mentioned as the abseil anchor in Jamieson's 4th edition guide fell down a number of years ago. The abseil is now 17m (not 12m as per Jamieson's 5th edition).