Dione Dell is a pleasant trip, and the easiest of the Kanangra canyons. However, it should not be underestimated. The slippery and sometimes loose quartzite rock has the potential to be quite dangerous in the wet.

At normal water levels there is just one waist deep wade, and some otherwise shallow creek crossings. The abseils go down beside the waterfalls, so wetsuits are not needed.

For a summer trip, there are alternate anchors that go down the waterfalls, often ending in the pools, which may involve a swim. Wetsuits may be a good idea if you take this option.


Park at the Thurat Fire Trail, 2.5km back from Kanangra Walls. Pick up a foot track that leaves from the Kanangra Road immediately opposite the Thurat Fire Trail, and follow it down into Dione Dell after about 200m. Follow the creek downstream for 1km (about 40 minutes) to the first abseil. There is a vague track which meanders from bank to bank, sometimes climbing as high as 15m above the creek, but it is easy to lose. In general, keep to the inside bank. The first abseil is at the Christys Creek junction, and you need to be on the right hand side of Dione Dell at this point.


The first abseil is about 33m from a large tree on a ledge, down to the junction of the two creeks. If you only have a single 60m rope, the last few metres can be scrambled. Traverse around the pool on the left.

The second abseil is about 50m downstream, also from a tree on the left, and is about 27m. The abseil crosses the creek and then descends the right hand side of the falls. The old anchor mentioned in earlier track notes was further left again, but this tree has since fallen down. There is also an obvious anchor on tree well to the right of the falls, for a scrubbier abseil.

There is a creek walk of about 30 minutes to the next abseil. Scramble down ledges to the right of the falls (or use a rope to hand over hand, about 23m) to a big tree on a ledge. From there, the 25m abseil goes down a chute next to the waterfall, ending on a slippery ledge. Exiting off this ledge requires a wade next to the wall on the right hand side, which is knee to waist deep (or a swim if you slip in!)

Another 100m brings you to the final abseil. To get to the old anchor involved scrambling down ledges just to the right of the falls, then along a sloping ledge to a small gum tree out on a point. This tree is now somewhat damaged, so it may be better to use an alternative anchor. The best option is to climb out to the right as the creek starts to drop, and up to an obvious big gum tree for a 32m abseil. This brings you down just to the right of the pool.

If needed, it is possible to avoid all of the abseils by scrambling around and down the right hand side.


Wander down the creek for 600m (about 30 minutes) to the impressive Margaret Falls (110m). Climb up the ridge to the left of the falls, again on a vague track, and continue up to the obvious cliff line and point of Pindari Tops, on the north side of Pindari Gap. Continue east following the cliff line around past the distinctive Uranus Grotto and up the next gap, Wallaby Pass (Pindari Pass on the old Dunphy Sketch Map). At the top of the pass, follow a track through thick scrub for 1.5km back to the Kanangra Road. Turn left, and it is 900m along the road back to the car.


Dione Dell is a fairly dry trip, and can be done outside summer, even in winter if you are prepared to put up with a couple of chilly wades.