The Wollangambe River has sections of canyon over much of its length. This section lies above the usual tourist sections, and is much rougher, with little in the way of tracks. However, it is possibly the best section of the Wollangambe River, and an excellent canyon. The notes are more vague than usual, as the canyon is in the Wollangambe Wilderness and parties need to be more self reliant.


There are a variety of options for getting to the canyon.

If you only have a 2WD car, then one option is to walk in from Bell to Wollangambe Crater. This is about 8km, and around 3h if you know the way, mostly on some form of track. The time estimates assume this approach.

If you have 4WD cars, then you can probably drive along the Dumbano Fire Trail to the locked gate at MGA498951 (Wollangambe). Walk to the end of the road, scramble down to the left and walk down the river to Wollangambe Crater. This is a short way in, but would require a long car shuffle.

These involve leaving a car at Mt Wilson. From Wollangambe Crater, the river is slow going to where the canyon starts around MGA524914.

Another possibility is to start at Mt Wilson, cross and follow the ridge as per Geronimo Canyon, and keep heading around to where you can get down through the cliff lines upstream of the start.


The canyon begins with a long pool at MGA524914. There are many long pools, and high narrow walled sections. Lilos may be useful, but there are numerous large boulder chokes which take some time to negotiate, which would be made more difficult with lilos.


Exit up the Geronimo track, which leaves the river at MGA543915, and leads back to the fire station at Mt Wilson.