Breakfast Creek Canyon is a good canyon tributary of Rocky Creek. There are several abseils in quite a dark constriction, though the canyon section is not particularly long. The first party thought that the area needed a Breakfast Creek.


See Newnes Plateau & South Wolgan Fire Trails for information on how to drive to the starting point.

From the locked gate at the end of the Rocky Creek exit track at MGA467143 (AMG466141, Rock Hill), head N along the fire trail. Take the right turn after about 1km on to a track (the Rocky Creek exit track). After a further 500m you may pass a faint track heading NE, and about 100m further the track forks, one part going straight ahead and the other veering right. The right one is the Rocky Creek exit track. Continue straight ahead. Soon after the track heads downhill and starts to swing to the N. As it starts to climb again is a good point to turn off the track and follow the gully downhill. Continuing down the gully you eventually reach a 10m drop.


The drop on to the halfway ledge is about 10m. Traverse right for about 100m until you can walk down into the creek. Some people abseil down the rest of the waterfall.

Some creek bashing follows, before you reach a slide down a slippery waterfall. This can be carefully climbed down on the right, and takes you into a large cave (St Paul's Cathedral). There is some more creek bashing before you reach the canyon proper, and the main drop, down a waterfall with a couple of ledges. This is about 27m from the top anchor, or about 24m from a possible anchor on the first ledge. A 60m will reach from the top. The pull down is tricky as it is very difficult to avoid the rope jamming in the logs on the second ledge. Also watch out for the rope catching in the crack below the first ledge. The canyon itself follows, clambering down a narrow crack. Then there is a 4m drop down a log, followed by 6m down a waterfall. It is a short scramble out to Rocky Creek from there.


Walk upstream on Rocky Creek for about an hour. There is a track on one side or the other for much of this distance. There is a spectacular canyon coming in from the left after about 500m. Exit via the Rocky Creek exit. This is at the bend in the creek at MGA486143 (AMG485141). Climb the gully, keeping to the left where it splits. Near the top it is blocked by an overhang. Scramble left and up the rock face (easy, but exposed - you may want to belay people if they are not confident). Turn left at the top, and follow the cliffline until it breaks. Then follow the track up the ridge and back to where you turned off on the way in, and thence back to the car.


Breakfast Creek Canyon is a pleasant trip, though the canyon section while impressive, is fairly short. There are some wades to waist deep in the canyon but typically no swims. There are possible short swims in Rocky Creek. Many parties can probably do without wetsuits.

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