Deep Pass Canyon is a pleasant canyon in the upper reaches of Nayook Creek, near Deep Pass clearing. It is popular due to its easy access and the fact that it can be done without swimming or abseiling.


See Newnes Plateau & South Wolgan Fire Trails for information on how to drive to the starting point. From the parking area at Deep Pass, head down the fire trail until you reach the bottom of the hill. Just before you cross the creek, turn right onto a track and follow it up into the canyon.


There are a quite a few drops with fixed ropes (many somewhat dodgy, so be careful) to climb up through the canyon. Getting near the top of the canyon, there is a large pool that you need to traverse on the right. This is tricky to do without slipping in, and you will get quite wet if you do slip. On the far side of the pool is a dodgy setup of logs and ropes that will get you across the last section ... if it doesn't break. If you can negotiate all of this then you can stay dry above the knees at normal water levels. There is a bit more canyon before the creek opens out.


Once the creek opens out, head up the slope to the right. Cut across the ridge until you hit the fire trail you walked in on. Alternatively, reverse the canyon and exit up the road.


A nice little canyon with a few challenging bits to keep dry, a couple of good spots for jump ins, and some good constricted sections. I would be a bit cautious about doing it in winter, as there is plenty of potential getting wet. Of course, it is possible to simply reverse the canyon if you reach a tricky section, to avoid a swim.