02/09/2005 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Matt Dowle, Anthony Dowle, Peter Gardner, Rhys Hearne, Dave Vadas, Ken Shepherd

Pete at the top of the first drop, with Mt Solitary and the Ruined Castle (the small bump) in the background

Looking down the first abseil, with Ant belaying

Matt on the second abseil

Rhys and Ken, with Malaita Wall in the background

Rhys on the second abseil

Ken with Narrow Neck in the background

Ken on the second abseil

Pete at the top of the third abseil, with the Three Sisters in the background

Dave on the fifth abseil

Pete on the sixth abseil

Ant jumps into a tree

Rhys - don't try this at home, folks

Matt jumps into a tree ...

...and gets tied up...

...by Pete and Ant.

Pete forward abseiling the last drop

Dave forward abseiling

Rhys gets a bit of air

Ant gets lots of air

The party at lunch