12/06/2016 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rosemary McDonald, Mike Arnott, Rod Wales, Marcia Kaye, Geoff Goodyer, Winnie Chui

Mt Solitary from a lookout on Castle Head

Rod and Marcia

Castle Cliff Trig

Rod adjusting his tape harness (having left his climbing harness in the car!)

Looking up from the top of the first abseil

Ro on the first abseil

Winnie on the second abseil

Geoff on the first abseil and Marcia on the second

Mike on the third abseil

Marcia on the fourth abseil

Mike helps Marcia take the leap of faith

Big roof on the fifth abseil

The following party on the fifth abseil

Ro on the sixth abseil

Marcia and Rod on the unorthodox approach to the Ruined Castle

Lunch on the Ruined Castle - you can't see the crowds, but they were there

Rod finds his harness has had a relaxing day in the car!