29/04/2007 - report - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Lisa McGinnigle, Mike Baldwin, Sarah Jones

194_9476.jpg (108675 bytes)

Lisa on the first abseil of Malaita Point

194_9478.jpg (93955 bytes)

Sarah on the second abseil

194_9479.jpg (106420 bytes)

Mike on the second abseil

194_9480.jpg (113618 bytes)

Lisa, Mike and Sarah

194_9481a.jpg (209415 bytes)

Just playing around with Photoshop :)

194_9481.jpg (153062 bytes)

Sarah on the fifth abseil (or sixth if you did the bushwalk on a rope)

194_9485.jpg (140240 bytes)

Looking down the first drop of Malaita Wall

194_9486.jpg (91148 bytes)

Mike on the first abseil of Malaita Wall

194_9490.jpg (149362 bytes)

Sarah checking out whether the 56m rope will do a 28m drop

194_9491.jpg (148831 bytes)

Mike on the second abseil

194_9492.jpg (78428 bytes)

Mt Solitary

194_9493.jpg (162879 bytes)

Lisa preparing for the second abseil

194_9495.jpg (140553 bytes)

Lisa on the fourth abseil

194_9496.jpg (159726 bytes)

Mike belaying Lisa

194_9499.jpg (167660 bytes)

Lisa on the fifth (last) abseil

195_9500.jpg (144610 bytes)

Katoomba Falls