06/08/2005 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Andy Wilkinson

From the top of Malaita Wall on a clear day, Mt Solitary, the Ruined Castle and Castle Head. You can see most of the way to Kanangra.

Andy near the top of the first pitch

Abseilers near the bottom of the first pitch

Wide view of "the Wall" with abseilers at the bottom. Big exposure!

Andy at the chains at the bottom of the first pitch. One of the chains is particularly rusty - be careful!

Andy on the second pitch of Malaita Wall

Andy below the big overhang on the third pitch

Abseilers on the third pitch (view from Malaita Point).

Abseilers at the bottom of the third pitch. The big overhang is visible above.

The top of the fourth pitch - the route is the obvious streak.

Through the hole in the big gum tree at the top of the fourth pitch on Malaita Wall

Andy going over the slab on the last abseil

The Three Sisters from near the Scenic Railway

Andy on the first abseil on Malaita Point - the pinnacle is clearly visible.

Malaita Point from Malaita Wall. The pinnacle at the bottom of the first abseil is clearly visible. If you look closely, you can see the abseilers at the bottom of the second pitch, with the third pitch going down the obvious slab.

Andy on the "bushwalk on a rope" - abseil four on Malaita Point

Andy on the pinnacle on the fifth abseil

Andy near the bottom of the second last abseil on Malaita Point

An interesting pinnacle not far from the Furber Steps

Tourist shot - the cable car in front of Mt Solitary and the Jamison Valley