26/05/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Jason Lorch, Rebecca Lorch, Sue Bucknell, Alex Gould, Jacquie Yates, Barbara Makepeace, Melinda Turner

The party at the start of the Castle Head abseil route


Rich rigging the first drop, with a nice rainbow

Jason on the first abseil

Looking up the first two abseils

Jacquie on the second abseil

Cedar Creek panorama

Silhouetted abseiler

Rich just visible at the fifth abseil

Alex belaying Jacquie on the fourth abseil

Sue on the fifth abseil

Rebecca on the fifth abseil

Heading up the Golden Stairs, to do it all again...

Lunch at the cars, since it was so windy

Alex and Jacquie walking down to Malaita Point ... I didn't take any more photos since we were racing the daylight

Sunset, and Rich is setting up the first abseil of Malaita Wall. It is just me, Rich, Jason and Rebecca by now

Rebecca on the second abseil

Mt Solitary sunset

Rebecca belaying Jason on the second abseil

Jason on the fourth abseil

Rebecca on the fourth abseil. It looks bright, but it is nearly dark

At the bottom at Scenic World, there are surprisingly no tourists! So we get to do all the touristy things! Rich on the donkey

Rebecca, Rich and Tom in the Mountain Devil