06/09/2003 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler, Chris Stephens, Tania King, Mike Baldwin, Andy Wilkinson, Emma Buttle

123-2319_img.jpg (121636 bytes)

Chris and Mike waiting to traverse the slot, near the start of the second abseil

123-2320_img.jpg (126359 bytes)

The view directly down the slot. If you look closely, you can see the people at the bottom of the next abseil

123-2322_img.jpg (96220 bytes)

Looking into the slot

123-2327_img.jpg (97631 bytes)

Tom at the start of the third abseil

123-2329_img.jpg (76247 bytes)

Gill on her way down the slot abseil (the second)

123-2330_img.jpg (110413 bytes)

Chris coming down the third abseil

123-2332_img.jpg (98499 bytes)

Emma watching Mike belaying Chris

123-2335_img.jpg (112562 bytes)

Chris belaying Gill down the third abseil

123-2337_img.jpg (133784 bytes)

Chris at the top of the fourth abseil

123-2338_img.jpg (144724 bytes)

Liz coming down the fourth abseil

123-2341_img.jpg (111314 bytes)

Tania with an attractive look

123-2342_img.jpg (77037 bytes)

Mike with a similar attractive look

123-2343_img.jpg (22863 bytes)

The final overhanging abseil