27/11/2011 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Richard Pattison, Andrew "Smiffy" Smith

Smiffy also has photos from this trip

Smiffy and Rich heading down to Malaita Wall. When we get there we find another group already at the abseil, so decide to cut our losses (again!) and head back to Malaita Point.

Me uncharitably making Rich smile and look straight up into the sun!

Smiffy on the first abseil

Looking across to the other party starting the second abseil on Malaita Wall

Rich on our second abseil

Rich at the top of the third abseil - classic tourist shot!

Another shot of Rich having to look into the sun! Further down the third abseil

Smiffy shadow on the same abseil

Rich and Smiffy scrambling the "bushwalk on a rope" abseil

Smiffy below the scramble

Rich on the fifth abseil (our fourth)

Looking down the abseil

The party on Malaita Wall, further down

Rich doing the optional last abseil off the tree