Malaita Point is a reasonably straightforward abseil trip. There is minimal exposed scrambling, and the abseils are not particularly hard. It is a good multi-pitch trip for people who have already done single pitch abseiling.

Park at a pull in on the right opposite the second (unnamed) lookout past Scenic World on Cliff Drive. The first lookout is Eaglehawk Lookout, the unnamed one is Malaita Point. Head down the path for about 100m to the lookout. Climb the fence, and scramble down a short steep gully to the left. Walk around to the right under the cliff, and head down a gully to the right for a short way. After a few metres, cut left under a cliff and out to the ridge line - don't keep going down the gully! Follow the ridge down for about 100m to the first drop.

All of the drops except the final optional one from the tree are equipped with double sets of chains, just so you know what you are looking for. Directions are given facing out, unless otherwise stated.

The first drop is a bit over 20m. You will need to swing left (facing the cliff) at the bottom to get into the narrow saddle, and to avoid dropping down a steep gully to your right. Climb up on to the small pinnacle in front and walk around to the next set of chains. The next drop is only very short, but the chains are set well back, so it is probably about 10m from them. There is a tricky overhang where it steepens.

The next drop is about 38m, down a very nice slab. Don't drop the ropes to the left, as there is plenty of shrubbery.

Just to the right at the bottom is the next set of chains. The next abseil could largely be walked, down a steep dirt bank. There are three short drops, at about 10m, 15m and 22m, for which the rope is useful. A 50m rope should get you to the bottom of the third drop, and it is a 5m scramble to the bottom.

Head carefully down for about 40m to the next short drop, out on the nose. Abseil to the left, a drop of about 10m.

Walk down, around to the right and beside a wall to the next set of chains. The drop is 27m, so a 50m is a bit short. This is another nice abseil, down a large slab.

From here, head left, and down to a large platform. You can do a final abseil here from the overhanging tree, about 20m, or walk left and then down the old cable railway to the main walking track.

Turn left, and head back along the track until you get to the boardwalk. Continue along the boardwalk and either catch the Scenic Railway back up, or keep walking for a short distance to the Furber Steps. These go back up to Scenic World.