Malaita Wall, next to Malaita Point, is a series of five abseils down a couple of big walls into the valley below Katoomba. It is similar to Malaita Point, although the abseils are generally bigger and more exposed.

Directions are given facing out, unless otherwise stated.

Park at a pull in on the right opposite the second (unnamed) lookout past Scenic World on Cliff Drive. The first lookout is Eaglehawk Lookout, the unnamed one is Malaita Point. Walk further up the road for 50m and climb over the fence at the black and white corner arrow. Pick up a faint track that heads out and down for a couple of hundred metres to the first drop.

The first abseil is about 45m from slings and chains, over a sharpish edge, to the top of a pinnacle. You will naturally come down left of the pinnacle (facing the cliff) and will need to swing yourself across to the right. The pull down can be sometimes tricky due to the edge, and it may be a good idea for the last person to get the knot over the edge.

The second abseil is 28m from chains, down the corner between the wall and the pinnacle. Head left under the cliff and down a track to a set of rope anchors off trees. The drop is about 35m, with a nice overhang at half height. The landing zone is a narrow ledge, and you are best off swinging right (facing the cliff) on the rope to safer ground. The next anchor is a large tree and the drop is about 31m.

Head right and down to a final set of chains and do either a short (10m) abseil, and scramble off left, or continue down a big slab (about 45m all up). This takes you to the Federal Pass track.

Turn left, and head back along the track until you get to the boardwalk. Continue along the boardwalk and either catch the Scenic Railway back up, or keep walking for a short distance to the Furber Steps. These go back up to Scenic World.