I don't tend to write trip reports for abseiling trips, so this is sort of a substitute

2005-08-06 - Malaita Wall and Malaita Point / photos / notes (Malaita Wall) / notes (Malaita Point)

Participants: Andy Wilkinson, Tom Brennan

I hadn't done Malaita Wall, and Andy couldn't remember which of Malaita Wall or Malaita Point he had done, so we headed off to do Malaita Wall. Walking up the road we passed a couple getting some abseiling gear out of the back of their car, and at the top of the first drop we could see them starting Malaita Point, not far from where our route went. The abseils were all pretty nice, and we were soon at the bottom. We got the usual looks from the tourists around the Scenic Railway as we wandered past with ropes, helmets and harnesses. Not wanting to pay the we then headed up the Furber Steps, and back to the car.

After a bite to eat, Andy was interested in doing Malaita Point, so we walked back up the road, passing the couple again at their car - they had somehow managed to beat us back. Predictably, the next we saw of them was at the top of Malaita Wall! And so we raced each other to the bottom again. No idea who got there first. This time around I managed to jump into the tree on the second last abseil. Back up the Furber Steps and a bit of touristy sightseeing at the top before heading back to Sydney via chips at Hazelbrook.

2005-07-23 - Boar's Head Rock / photos / notes

Participants: Rachel Grindlay, Tom Brennan

Not knowing much about Malaita Wall, I thought we should do Boar's Head Rock since I was confident about the trip. And unlike the last two times, it was a relatively still and warm day. Funnily enough, I keep forgetting that Boar's Head Rock has a few tricky bits. The chasm as usual was fun, although I ran out of biners on the way in. I almost caused disaster on the last abseil by not coiling the rope into two equal halves. Rachel just managed to get to the bottom and get off the rope.

2004-11-13 - Malaita Point / photos / notes

Participants: Rachel Grindlay, Lisa McGinnigle, Matt Dowle, Tom Brennan

Heading up the mountains for a house-warming at Sacha and Sarah's place in Winmalee, I thought we would do Malaita Point as a warm up for the party. It was a pleasant, relatively easy trip. Rachel managed to flip herself upside down on the second abseil at one of the overhangs. I tried to jump into the tree on the second last abseil, but failed.

2004-09-12 - Castle Head / photos / notes

Participants: Andy Wilkinson, Tom Brennan

This trip was a bit more "out there" although with two fairly experienced abseilers, still pretty straightforward. There were a couple of sections with some slightly exposed scrambling, and it helps to abseil left handed on the first drop. The jump to get to the fourth abseil was rather challenging (although you could do a short abseil and then climb up easily). We got out to the Ruined Castle in time for lunch and made quick time back up the Golden Stairs and back to the car at the end.

2004-05-02 - Boar's Head Rock / photos / notes

Participants: Jonathan Potts, Lisa McGinnigle, Tom Brennan

A very windy and cold trip down Boar's Head Rock. I was unable to communicate to the others from in the chasm as the wind was so noisy. We had a huddled lunch in a small patch of sun down the bottom out of most of the wind, but it was not a very pleasant trip.

2003-09-06 - Boar's Head Rock / photos / notes

Participants: Mike Baldwin, Tania King, Emma Buttle, Chris Stephens, Liz Edye, Andy Wilkinson, Gill Fowler, Tom Brennan

A trip for a few inexperienced abseilers. We had a training day at Wahroonga Rocks the weekend before doing this. Luckily Andy and Gill came along as it was definitely handy having a few extra experienced abseilers to keep things moving with a large group..