Wall of Africa and Kilimanjaro (the Roof of Africa) is a 2 pitch abseiling trip near the Devils Hole at Katoomba. The start of the second abseil is tricky, with massive exposure, and the route is only recommended for experienced abseilers.

The route starts from the Devils Hole car park on Cliff Dr in Katoomba. To get there, head down Narrow Neck Rd, and take the second of two right turns into Cliff Dr. Drive for 200m, and park at the first pull in after the bend, on the left, signposted for the Devils Hole.

Walk down the walking track into the Devils Hole, and start descending the Devils Hole itself, a deep slot. About half way down, keep an eye out for a cave on the right, and climb out through the cave on to the ridge on the right. If you look down to your left at the first mini saddle, you can see the massive chockstone that hangs above the Devils Hole. Follow the ridge out to the end via ledges, and scramble down to a set of chains in the rock just before a casuarina grove.

All directions are given facing out.

The first abseil (the Wall of Africa) is 40m down a slab, including the distance from the chains to the edge. Avoid the precariously perched boulder on the left edge of the drop. It hasn't fallen yet, but best not to flirt with danger. If you look up from the bottom of the abseil, you can see the outline of Africa.

Walk 15m right, and then scramble carefully down the minor ridge to the point. The second abseil (Kilimanjaro) is 50m from chains on the point. It is overhung almost all the way to the ground, under a massive roof (the Roof of Africa). Use a safety line to get down to the point if needed. The start of the abseil is tricky, as the chains hang over the edge, and it is very exposed. The abseil ends in the trees, which may be difficult for first (and possibly subsequent) abseilers.

Walk left around the bottom of the cliff until you reach the Devils Hole track. Walk up the track through the Devils Hole and back to the car.