08-09/12/2007 - report - photos - Upper Wollangambe Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Gill Fowler, Fiona Macrae, Mike Baldwin, Charles Blumer, Jill Calkin

Mike at the big pagoda - "the Centre of the Universe"

Jill at the big pagoda

Mike and Jill climbing up a short scramble

Jill looking out across the wilderness

Fee at the famous three pronged tree...

...near the large boulder

The camp cave from the cliffs above

Fee crossing the Wollangambe

Gill and Charlie on the cliffs above

Jill chopping onions

Packing up in the morning

Wollangambe Crater

Mike, Gill, Charlie, Fee and Jill

Water dragon

Massive overhang just past the Crater

Crossing a log

Gill and Charlie at the bottom of a set of cascades

Boulder scrambling

Mike in the river

Liloing it up

Mike paddling

Mike relaxing down some small rapids

Fee in a narrow section

Charlie shoots the rapids

Gill and Mike

Gill reinflating her lilo

Mysterious climbing yabby

Gill and Jill

Gill and Jill

Mike relaxing

Impressive canyon section

Jill takes it easy

Water falling through a hole in the roof

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Jill on another rapid

Massive overhang

Fee paddles away

Rocky blockup

Fee approaching the Geronimo junction