02-03/02/2019 - report - photos - Upper Wollangambe Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay

Drizzly conditions at the start of the walk in

Lunch on an outcrop on the Geronimo track

Rachel walking across drizzly tops

Emerging to views - but where are we?!

Happy hour in the camp cave - Nicole, Vivien, Smiffy, Emmanuelle, Toni, Brooner, Rachel

Dinner happenings on the fire

The next morning in the cave

Wollangambe Crater

Rachel wading through scrub in the side creek

Undercut cliffs in the side creek

Rachel in the mighty Wollangambe

Scrambling down a slippery waterfall

Swimming between high walls

There were a number of undercut cliffs at the bends in the river

One of the most picturesque canyon sections

Canyon formation

Wading a canyon section

Skylight - the water falls through a hole in the canyon roof

Dark and light

It's not all fun and games - there were plenty of boulder and log jams to negotiate

Rachel on another bend

In the middle of the day, some of the canyon is in full sun

Swimming after lunch

Boulders and slabs

One more lovely undercut

This tree has its work cut out!

Swimming the bend before stretch of creek that leads to the Geronimo junction

Yabby out of water

Rachel in a cave formed by a large rock slab