19-20/02/2011 - report - photos - Deep Pass Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Vivien de Remy de Courcelles, Stephen Dolphin, Brendon Anderson

Brendon climbing the pass on to Mt Norris

Looking through one of the holes in the rock at the waterfall near the first abseil

Looking through the keyhole

Stephen on the abseil

Overhang in the creek

Upper section of Harmonic Convergence Canyon - it was near the middle of the day and the light was quite harsh

Vivien abseiling the second drop - we could have hand-over-handed this

Looking down the canyon

Stephen, Vivien and Brendon scrambling

Canyon formation

Waterfall in the canyon

Stephen and Vivien

A short swim

Stephen and Brendon in the canyon

Stephen and Vivien in the side canyon (Rock Hill Canyon)

Waterfall in the side canyon

Brendon in the side canyon

Vivien and Stephen

Vivien and Stephen

Side canyon

The creek opened out for some time, before dropping into another section of canyon via this awkward scramble

Stephen below another scramble

Stephen and Vivien

Canyon formation

We finally reach Nayook Creek - Stephen and Vivien walking up the creek

Nayook Creek is quite beautiful in this section

The next day, wading up Nayook Creek

Brendon below an overhang


We climb out on to a knoll topped by this massive block

Stephen and Vivien descending the steep saddle before the main ridge

Vivien overlooking Deep Pass

Stephen descending to Deep Pass

In Deep Pass Canyon

Deep Pass Canyon

Vivien and Brendon

Brendon and Vivien