16/11/2007 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Michael Keats, Jane Trousdale, Joe Van der Velden, Dave Dash, Graham Conden, Brian Fox, William Hope, Basil Slade, Hester Slade

On the pagodas, looking over Deep Pass

Descending a gully into Deep Pass

In the chasm

In the chasm

The chasm

The NPWS helicopter dropping the new loo cartridge

Chopper landing

Chopper departs, after \'refreshing\' the loo

Climbing a pass on to a spur of Mt Norris

In Deep Pass Canyon

The first pool

Climbing up above the second pool

Crossing one of the ricketty logs

Looking back down the canyon

A small frog

The final set of pools

Traversing the final pools

The log bridge

The log bridge from another angle

Looking back down the canyon


Impressive overhang

Open country in the top of Nayook Creek

Looking back down Nayook Creek