24/02/2012 - report - photos - Whungee Wheengee Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Deanpaul "Deeps" Russell

Deeps at the Wollangambe crossing, with another party asleep on the other side, having done the top sections with a mix of bodyboards and lilos the day before

Deeps on the abseil into the creek

Deeps on a climb down a pumping waterfall

Deeps in the canyon

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Deeps on the first abseil

Looking back at the first abseil

Deeps getting a dunking on the second abseil

Below the Green Room

Deeps photographing

Canyon formation


Ferns and logs

Deeps checking out the precariously placed chockstone

Into the final narrow section

Canyon formation

Canyon formation

Wading down the Wollangambe

Deeps swimming under a lovely waterfall

Good flow below the rapids above Waterfall of Moss

Waterfall of Moss, with a decent waterfall

Wollangambe Canyon