24/02/2012 - report - photos - Whungee Wheengee Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Deanpaul "Deeps" Russell

For once this season it was a beautiful day and great forecast (for a change)! I was a little concerned with the amount of water running down the fire trail from Cathedral Reserve, but figured that was more due to the basalt holding the water, and that the other side of the river would be OK. The Gambe was still up - waist deep at the crossing, where we found a party still asleep in hammocks and bivvies, with boogie boards and a lilo between them.

The creek in WW didn't seem up too much so we headed down via the usual tree root climb, which skips the first of up to 4 duckunders. The next duckunder had only a small hole, meaning complete submersion to get through, and coming up covered with debris that's floating in that pool. It's been a long time since I can remember it being that full. The glowworms in the cave were spectacular. The next duckunder was a bit longer, and the final one we climbed over the chockstone to avoid.

After lunch at the clearing, we headed down to the abseils, which were pumping. There was a new log jammed awkwardly at the second abseil, which made the start just a little trickier.

Soon we were out in the warmer water of the 'Gambe, which was up anywhere from 0.5-1m. It was a pretty cruisy run from there, as the current was flowing. Nice to be able to sit back and mostly enjoy the ride, rather than having to swim the whole way! We bumped into the boogie boarders, who'd done the upper tourist section the day before and camped at the crossing.

Back at the cars at 5:20pm. Deeps was to meet Adrian there - I think I saw Adrian on Bells Line as I drove back - and head out to Glen Davis for the weekend.