03/11/2003 - report - photos - Birrabang Canyon track notes - Wotta Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Chris Stephens, Tania King

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Jonathan, Tania and Tom praise the sunshine!

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Chris praises the sunshine -"That's my chest, not my stomach!"

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Tom needs a smaller pack so he can look at the camera

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Disgruntled - "This weather's just like Melbourne"

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Tom unnecessarily trying to show off his climbing skills and almost losing his grip

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Chris on the same log as above - isn't Jonathan interested?

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Tom trying to retrieve the log that he climbed across on so that he can climb back again

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Evidence! Yes it really did hail

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Chris and Tom amongst wildflowers on the exit trail

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Jonathan looking pretty - but what's that sticking out of his shorts??

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Tom, Jonathan, Chris, Tania back at the car

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Tom - lunch on a pagoda at Pierce's Pass

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Storm clouds race across the Grose Valley