03/11/2003 - report - photos - Birrabang Canyon track notes - Wotta Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Jonathan Potts, Chris Stephens, Tania King

After arriving at the Mt Wilson turn off before 9am, we waited for Chris to show. Luckily we had a hacky sack, since it took him almost half an hour. He had been locked in the national park down at Glenbrook because the ranger didn't open the gate til 8:30am. In the meantime, Tania, Jonathan and I got a triple-double hack. Lucky we'd got it just as Chris turned up, since it took us another ten minutes just to get our next hack target that would allow us to leave!

After wandering in along a fire trail we soon had to backtrack and eventually ridge bashed down into the creek. It quickly turned into a small canyon. A few abseils later, mostly off dodgy anchors, we were out the other side and headed off down the creek to its junction with Birrabang. It took longer than it should, mostly because we were doing everything in our power to avoid getting wet.

So of course it started to rain a bit.

At the junction with Birrabang we had a council of war. I was keen to do Better Offer as well, but slowly got overruled. Probably a good thing as a short while later the hail came pouring down. Conveniently we were at an overhang and sheltered for a while. As it eased, Tania and I set off again, only for the hail to come down again even harder!

We passed through the canyon section of Birrabang, which was nicer than Wotta, before scrambling up on to the ridge and back to the car. There weren't any nice areas to have lunch so we headed down the road to Pierce's Pass and had lunch on a pagoda above the car park, before heading back to Sydney.