14/09-14/10/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Rick Ianiello, Angela Horvath, Anya Pa, Ilze Rupners

Middle Leprechaun Canyon (Shimrock)

Looking out over the Leprechaun forks from the ridge to the side

Angela on the first abseil

Ilze on the abseil

Rachel abseiling as Anya climbs down

Anya squeezing along

Ilze and Anya

Everyone staying high to avoid the slush pit down below

What's the collective noun for a group of canyoners? A stack?!

Rick meat-anchoring the next abseil

Rachel carefully abseiling

Rachel modelling the full body armour - long top, long bottoms, knee pads, helmet, harness that you can trash

Rick galumphing along

Rachel just hanging about

Textured walls


Rachel and Angela - now it's getting squeezier...

...as well as slopier!

A brief respite

Crap! It just gets narrower!

Delightful light

Rachel is enjoying herself...

...and can even relax!

Rick descending an impressive looking drop

Anya and Ilze near Belfast Boulevard

Anya and Rick descending another long impressive narrow stretch

The recent rains meant lots of mud in the canyon, and a swim to rinse off near the end

The canyon opens out - Rick and Rachel

Rick and Rachel

Tom and Rachel (photo by Rick)

Rachel in the magnificent lower canyon