14/09-14/10/2013 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Rick Ianiello, Angela Horvath, Anya Pa, Ilze Rupners

Our campsite at Anthrax

Dawn over North Wash

Slideanide Canyon

Rick on the abseil into Slideanide

Angela abseiling

Anya on the abseil

Another stack of canyoners - from bottom, Rachel, Angela, Ilze, Anya and Rick

Angela on a little (for Slideanide!) downclimb

A bit of dodginess, probably to avoid the mud

Looking down the long downclimb - yes, you could abseil, but that would take the fun out of it!

Anya and Rachel showing the height of the drop

OK, focus! Rachel showing nice elevator technique

Anya and Rachel and ... oh ... Anya's not fond of spiders?!

Ilze and Angela - there's the dry way or the high way. No, wait! They're the same thing!

Anya and Rachel

Ilze on the final abseil

Looking back at the end of the Slideanide slot

Choose your own adventure - making our way up out of Slideanide

Arscenic Canyon

The first drop of Arscenic from across the canyon - I followed Rick down a particularly dodgy slope that led to the top of the drop without walking all the way around the tops

Rick on the abseil

Anya abseiling

Looking down the second stage of the drop

Angela on the first part of the drop

Angela abseiling the second stage

Anya watching Angela get wet and muddy. It was possible but strenuous to stay high

Rachel keeping dry

Rachel, Anya and Rick

Anya and Rick

The party near the end of Arscenic - Angela, Rick, Anya, Rachel, Ilze, Tom

Angela and Rachel on another downclimb

Ye'll take the high road and I'll take the low road - Angela and Rick

Rachel and Tom (and Arscenic Arch)

Rachel on the walk out along the canyon rim