I took up cycling in November 1994, aged 20, at the instigation of a couple of friends (see Melbourne - Sydney, Preamble). Since then I have cycled around 20000km on four bikes, two Trek 850s, a Trek 6300 and a Trek 4500. The first one, Brak the Barbarian, a 22 1/2" purple beast, was sadly stolen from Macquarie University in August of 1995. I mourned for about a month, and then bought myself an identical beast, except for the colour, green, and the name, Korak... the Killer. Korak was vengefully written off in a hit-and-run incident on Victoria Road in 2003. The most recent two have yet to earn a name.

Brak completed rides from Melbourne to Sydney, and Sydney to the Hunter Valley, whilst Korak only rode some of the New Zealand North Island and did a lot of commuting. Korak, however, travelled much much further, although quite a bit in the hold of a plane!

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