I took up cycling in November 1994, aged 20, at the instigation of a couple of friends (see Melbourne - Sydney, Preamble). Since then I have cycled around 20000km on four bikes, two Trek 850s, a Trek 6300, a Trek 4500 and a Trek FX4. The first one, Brak the Barbarian, a 22 1/2" purple beast, was sadly stolen from Macquarie University in August of 1995. I mourned for about a month, and then bought myself an identical beast, except for the colour, green, and the name, Korak... the Killer. Korak was vengefully written off in a hit-and-run incident on Victoria Road in 2003. The most recent ones have yet to earn a name. These days I mostly cycle for commuting and leisure.

Brak completed rides from Melbourne to Sydney, and Sydney to the Hunter Valley, whilst Korak only rode some of the New Zealand North Island and did a lot of commuting. Korak, however, travelled much much further, although quite a bit in the hold of a plane!

Some other photos from cycling trips include: