Tom as baby with frisbee

Me aged 3, preparing to huck it long.

I enjoyed all sorts of sports, but my major interest from 1993-2008 was in disc (frisbee) sports, particularly Ultimate Frisbee. I always liked throwing things around, particularly things that fly well, so I got hooked on Ultimate Frisbee in my second year at Macquarie Uni. I played for the Australian National team in 1996 (Jonkoping, Sweden), 1998 (Minneapolis, Minnesota, USA) and 2000 (Heilbronn, Germany), as well as various club sides in Sydney.

All of the useful information such as skills, drills and tactics, which was once on these pages, was moved to Ultimate Frisbee Australia. Not sure if they have maintained it, but if you want information on frisbee in Australia, then that is the place to go.

Here are links to photos from various ultimate related tournaments/trips/teams:

And disc designs

Sydney Ultimate disc design Longest Day disc design