02-31/07/2010 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Brennan

Wednesday 14 July: Karijini NP - Tom Price (125km)

Reflections in Dales Gorge


Fortescue Falls

Mt Bruce, Karijini NP

Mt Bruce

Mt Bruce

Climbing up to the first hump on Mt Bruce. Mt Bruce is the second highest mountain in WA, but since you can drive to the top of Mt Meharry (the tallest), it is a far more exciting walk

Mt Bruce

Rachel above one of the scrambles on Mt Bruce

Mt Bruce

Rachel at the summit cairn of Mt Bruce

Rachel on the summit ridge of Mt Bruce

View of the Marandoo mine (one of the "attractions" of the walk). This area was originally part of the national park but was excised

Looking down to the knife edge ridge

Descending to the main scrambling section

Rachel in one of the scrambling sections of the Mt Bruce walk

A little dragon

Corella getting a feed

Thursday 15 July: Tom Price - Millstream-Chichester NP (Crossing Pool) (254km)


Corella - these are quite a pest in Tom Price

Hamersley Gorge, Karijini NP

Rock banding in Hamersley Gorge

Spa pool, Hamersley Gorge

Rachel at The Grotto, Hamersley Gorge

Hamersley Gorge

There was guy measuring the length of a pool for some reason... Hamersley Gorge


Crossing Pool, on the Fortescue River

Corellas just waiting to shit on the van below

We went for a sunset paddle

Crossing Pool

Crossing Pool

Crossing Pool

Corellas at dusk

Friday 16 July: Millstream-Chichester NP (Crossing Pool - Snake Creek) (78km)

Murlamunyjunha Trail, Millstream-Chichester NP

Eroded roots on the Fortescue River crossing

Rachel looks unimpressed by the Millstream Palms, even if they are found nowhere else in the world

Water lilies at Chinderwarriner Pool

Water lily

Wattle blossom

Rachel crossing the Fortescue River

Flight of the corellas - this is the morning arrival


Rachel swimming at Deep Reach, with the corellas flying in

Tom on the "pool pony" at Deep Reach


Sturts Desert Pea

Mt Herbert Summit - McKenzie Spring, Millstream-Chichester NP

Mt Herbert Lookout

Rachel at Mt Herbert

Rachel at the somewhat unimpressive McKenzie Spring (at least there is water!)

Mt Herbert, and the Chichester Range Camel Trail


Rachel at Python Pool

Python Pool

Python Pool

The only camp site we had to ourselves, Snake Creek, in Millstream-Chichester NP

Sunset at Snake Creek

Sunset at Snake Creek

Saturday 17 July: Millstream-Chichester NP - Barradale Rest Area (531km)

Sunrise at Snake Creek

Sunrise at Snake Creek

Pigeon House Mountain? No, it's Pyramid Hill

Iron ore train at Dampier

Hearsons Cove on the Burrup Peninsula, near Dampier. We went looking for rock engravings, but didn't find any!

Rachel at Hearsons Cove