12-23/06/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Mike Arnott, Rosemary McDonald, Marcia Kaye, Grace Love, Peter Love, Melissah Adams

Day 9

Tom and Rachel at Garimbu Falls

Rachel, Melissah and Mike enjoying the viewing platform

One more shot of the falls before...

...climbing out of the gorge, and around to another viewpoint of the falls, from high above!

Group shot - Rachel, Grace, Peter, Mike, Melissah and Marcia

Me subbing in for Mike

OK, enough shots of Garimbu Falls

Heading down a picturesque side creek, with pools...

... and dry waterfalls...

...to scramble

Our usual sort of campsite - waterfalls, large pools, flat rocks to camp on. Pretty average really!

Peter heading up the gorge to the bottom of the falls

Grace on a narrow ledge


Peter photographing an art site

Nice kangaroo


Some tassel Bradshaws

Better roo

Hand stencils

Enjoying a shady overhang

The long impressive canal leading towards the falls

Mike and Grace

Rachel swimming below Garimbu Falls

Red Dragonfly

Garimbu Falls

Looking back down the canal

Gorge reflections

Grace and Mike

Narrow ledges

Our "ordinary" campsite

The party - Grace, Peter, Melissah, Marcia, Rachel, Tom, Mike

Rachel with her self made birthday tiramisu

Yum yum!

Day 10

Dawn reflections

Cascade at camp

Marcia on the heights


Rachel setting off to explore the downstream gorge

Rachel on the narrow ledge

Grace and Melissah negotiating the ledge

Our ledges run out

Time to wade!

Lots of roos?

Melissah and Mike near the end of the (walking) road

Mike looking down the canal - we turn back here

Grace and Mike

Rachel and I set off to see if we can get across to the next creek system. We give up pretty quickly!

Heading for camp

One more narrow ledge to negotiate