12-23/06/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Mike Arnott, Rosemary McDonald, Marcia Kaye, Grace Love, Peter Love, Melissah Adams

Day 11

The next day we climb back up the pretty side gorge we descended two days earlier

Rachel leading the party up

Mike scrambling

Pond flowers

Rocky slabs

Gorgeous reflections

Once we leave the side creek, it is slow going across the tops and tedious rock-hopping down a different side creek back to Garimbu Creek

Back on rock slabs beside Garimbu Creek

Rachel at Lower Garimbu Falls

Tom enjoying the spa bath (photo Melissah)

Rachel innovating on the pillow front

Odd figure



Campsite at the top of the falls

Lower Garimbu Falls

Final dinner - Grace, Melissah, Mike, Peter, Rachel, Marcia

Day 12

Dawn at Lower Garimbu Falls

Dawn at Lower Garimbu Falls

Rachel enjoying one final spa bath

The chopper arrives

Moran River from the chopper

The return to civilisation starts here - Rachel, Tom, Melissah, Grace, Peter, Mike, Marcia