12-23/06/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Mike Arnott, Rosemary McDonald, Marcia Kaye, Grace Love, Peter Love, Melissah Adams

Day 1

Boarding our flight to the Mitchell Plateau

Views of the Lower Moran River

Garimbu Falls from the helicopter

Rachel watching the chopper depart for the next trip

Rachel above our campsite

Aboriginal rock art - no idea what

Rachel as the Thing

Aboriginal ice cream cones?

A figure so big that I couldn't photograph its ...


Beautiful campsite where the chopper dropped us off

Bradshaw figure next to the waterfall

Waterfall at dusk

Day 2

Reflections at dawn

Mike and Rachel getting the water boiling before sunrise

Slow going along the Moran River

Many falls

Rachel at the falls

Enjoying morning tea at the falls

River crossing

The original Bradshaw site

Art site detail


Looks like flowers

Rachel enjoying a swim at our camp

Night two camp

Day 3

Sunrise and reflections

Crossing grassy country to cut off some boring river loops

Mike chasing the cattle away

Boab love!

We reach these falls for a well earned lunch

Tom (photo Rachel)

Falls and pool

Rachel at the falls

The potholes are deep round here!

Looking down river

Well endowed

Turtles? Or something else

Enjoying the art

Rachel at the next falls

Late afternoon, camp three

Rachel and Mike


Milky way