12-23/06/2017 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Mike Arnott, Rosemary McDonald, Marcia Kaye, Grace Love, Peter Love, Melissah Adams

Day 4

Cascades leading into the next gorge

After descending the gorge for a bit, we climb out and re-enter further down via a side creek

Flower or stingray?

Various figures including a long necked turtle on the roof

These figures aren't quite as sophisticated!

Rachel near Wyulda Creek

Rachel exploring Wyulda Creek


Freshie in the pool

Rachel checking out an art site in Wyulda Creek

Bradshaw tassel figures

When we get back from our explore, we find that Ro has broken her wrist and the PLB has been set off - and a chopper arrives not long after

Sandy camp

Melissah cooking laksa on night four

Dessert is damper - cook your own!

Day 5

The next two days are expected to be the roughest - heading cross country to get to Garimbu Creek


Some kind of plant?

Crossing the watershed

Rachel in slow country in the gorge

Grace climbing down a small fall

Lovely pool and rainforest gorge at the junction, but it's been slow going to get here

After nearly giving up and camping at a scungy sandy pool, only 100m downstream we find rock slabs and clear flowing water! Heaven!

This one's a complete mystery!

Mike checking in on how Ro is going

Marcia on dinner duty

Our tent

Day 6

It's only 5km to Garimbu Falls, but it proves to be pretty tough, and a variety of terrain - slow going through spinifex...

Easy walking through burnt country...

Even slower going over rock outcrops with spinifex in between...

Even deeper spinifex!

Finally we break out into flat grassy country near the falls

First views of Garimbu Creek

Heading down the creek to the falls

Phew, our food bags are still there ... and mostly intact (a few nibbles)

Melissah above the "monster gorge"

Peter enjoying the views

Rachel looking down Garimbu Falls

Garimbu Falls

Aerial view of the kitchen


Mike distributing the all important Chateau Cardboard

Happy campers enjoying a tipple

It looks like Mike and Melissah are putting on some kind of a show!

Another scrumptious dinner being served up

Mike's tent under the Milky Way