07-18/06/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Kenn Clacher, Edith Baker, Calogero Panvino, Suzi Prescott, Clare Holland, Paul McCann, Marianne Watt, Geoff Kelly, Gina Hopkins, Derrick Brown

This trip follows the Mitchell River trip, hence the reason the day numbering starts at 8

  • Day 8-10 - From the Mitchell Plateau, we took a float plane to the Drysdale River, some distance upstream from Solea Falls. After a relaxing afternoon, the next day we headed across country to the rocky Planigale Creek, and spent the afternoon at a beautiful waterfall, and looking for aboriginal art, of which there was quite a bit. (10km) There was also plenty of art on show the next day as we made our way down the creek to the Drysdale River. Most of the country had been recently burnt, so the going was all fairly easy. We had an interesting exercise to get everyone safely across the river at a ford. Camp was at a big pool just downstream from a small waterfall. (11km).
  • Day 11-12 - A shortish day, down the river to the impressive Solea Falls. I unfortunately stepped on a stick at camp, and had to sit out the afternoon's explorations. (9km) The next day we split into several groups. I led one group downstream to a couple of falls marked on the map. The first was non-existent, a set of rapids. Heading across the grain of the country to the second falls, we came across a great art site in the middle of nowhere, where we spent some time. The falls were pretty, into a large plunge pool, and the rest of the creek was excellent walking, with numerous art sites. We finished the day with a spectacular walk up the river. (13km)
  • Day 13-15 - It was Derrick's birthday, so we had balloons strewn around camp in the morning. Easy but less interesting walking brought us to a sandy camp on the banks of Johnson Creek. (9km) The next day, after a couple of hours of fairly easy open walking, we got into more rocky country. We were treated to a number of art sites, and a couple of waterfalls, one of which we stopped at for lunch. It was only a short walk to the spectacular pool at Cracticus Falls to camp. (10km) Again we split into several parties. I was with a group that walked up to the next rapids, about 5km upstream. There were some good pools and interesting, but optional, scrambling along the way. Unfortunately I rolled my ankle, which made things a little tricky on the way back. (12km)
  • Day 16-19 - A fair walk across country to Creek X, then a short walk downstream to a good campsite by a shady pool. (12km) Slow going down the creek - not a lot of good options for camping. Eventually we found a small sandbank with some grassy spots just above, just enough room for us all. (9km) An early start for the longish cross country jaunt back to the Drysdale. The country was fairly open, so we were at the river for lunch. With a strong breeze blowing, the long swim across was a bit of work. We had a bit of our concert for our final night out in the Kimberley. (13km) The float plane arrived mid-morning to pick us up and fly us back to Kununurra.