31/05-07/06/2012 - photos

Participants: Tom Brennan, Kenn Clacher, Edith Baker, Calogero Panvino, Suzi Prescott, Clare Holland, Paul McCann, Marianne Watt, Geoff Kelly, Gina Hopkins, Derrick Brown

  • Day 1-3 - From Kununurra, we took a light plane to the Mitchell Plateau airstrip, and then a helicopter to near Surveyors Pool. We had the afternoon to explore around Surveyors Pool. The following day, we headed across country towards the Mitchell River. We had a dryish camp on top of the plateau, in the headwaters of a small creek. (8km). Continuing across broken country the next day, we reached the Mitchell River late morning and made our way up to Lower Mitchell Falls for lunch. We were camping there, so again had the afternoon to explore the interesting area around the falls. (5km).
  • Day 4-5 - The day started with an ascent of the falls, and then a mix of easy riverside walking and some rougher sections. Just before lunch we climbed a gully a kilometre short of Mitchell Falls, and then had a torrid afternoon covering that kilometre to Mertens Creek, which we reached on dusk. (10km). The next morning we spent some time enjoying Mertens and Mitchell Falls, before continuing upstream along the river. After lunch we pushed on to a side creek where we had hoped to find a camp. There was not much on offer, so we headed up the side creek to the best site we could find next to a long pool. Kenn and I explored further upstream some distance without finding anything better. (10km).
  • Day 6-8 - Continuing up the side creek for some distance, we turned up a smaller creek and headed over the tops into the next creek system. Again, not much luck in finding a good camp, and we were forced to stop late in the afternoon at the best option we could find. (14km). The following morning we continued down the creek system, into a small gorge, and then alongside the creek to JCR Falls for lunch, and camp. (5km). The helicopter picked us up the next morning and flew us back to Mitchell Plateau for the next leg of the trip.