01/04/2017 - photos - Claustral Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Evan Fimbres, Jarrah Turton, Megan Turton

Megan coming up after the first little climb down/jump

Looking down the first abseil

Jarrah on the second abseil

Jarrah on the third abseil

The Claustral/Ranon junction

Flowing water

Evan balancing on the log

Heading down canyon


Ferns and flowing water

Stopping as another group passes


Rachel abseiling the climbdown before the Tunnel Swim

Jarrah abseiling

Rachel and Evan

Jarrah in the Tunnel Swim

Megan below the next climbdown, which we also abseiled due to high water

Rachel coiling the rope


Evan bridging to stay dry

Back at the rock near the road - Rachel, Megan, Jarrah, Evan