21/01/2017 - photos - Thunder Canyon track notes

Participants: Tom Brennan, Rachel Grindlay, Jon Bell, Ed Squires, Jo Squires, Srinivas Gowda, David Mason

Looks like a dreary day at the start of Lightning Ridge

Jo abseiling into the creek

We end up above an upper section of Thunder Canyon

Jo abseiling into the canyon

David in the upper canyon

Jon exploring up the canyon

The start of the lower canyon - Rachel abseiling in

Looking down the slot

Jon on the abseil

Jon continuing the abseil down a second drop

Rachel in the depths


Jon and Rachel

Canyon formation


Jon swimming a pool

Canyon formation

David shooting sunbeams


Canyon formation

Rachel in a waterfall cave

Fern garden

The Tunnel Swim

Jon contemplating a drop...


Jon heading up the exit

Scrambling in Rainbow Ravine

Jo bridging to try and avoid the swim